Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Dancing Angels!

Have you ever experienced that moment of pride as a mother when you are watching your children do something they REALLY love and it shows? Have you ever had that moment when you watch them and think, Wow, I am so proud of them at this very moment, and you could just burst into tears of happiness? That is enough sappiness, BUT it is exactly how I felt watching my angels dance last week in their dance recital. They were all beautiful in their own ways and shined with talent and grace. I am so proud of all of you!
I tried to capture a moment or two from each girl in ALL of their numbers. There were a total of 12 acts we had to rehearse for, fund the costume for, and photograph. I loved them ALL!

K as a ballerina:

K also as a break dancer in Space Jam:
I had no idea she could do the "coffee grinder"
Here she is a train conductor tapping to Chattanooga Choo-Choo:

Here is M. E. dancing her way through Twist and Shout! A perfect song choice for her!

K and M. E. ready for their show!

S was in 4 numbers this year, Here she is as a Jewel from the pirate song in The Little Mermaid:

She also had another ballet dance to The Circle Song, which talks about the seasons of Life, talk about a tear jerker. This was her 6th recital, wow, how she has grown!

This one is always a crowd favorite, tapping to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!

Here is a shot from S's jazz dance, Space Cowboy. I don't know if Daddy was ready for this one?

M in her Senior Recital!
Here she is tapping as a cowgirl! My favorite part was when she did her split in her blue jeans. Very Impressive!

M in her crazy and fun senior number, The Bench Dance!

And finally, M's pointe dance as Snow White. She fit the role perfectly and was breathtaking! It is sad to know we will never see her in another recital. She has worked hard and turned into a beautiful, graceful girl with talent and beauty on stage. We are proud of you M!

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