Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mary Graduates from High School!

This post is of course a bittersweet one. I love celebrating with our kids in their accomplishments, but of course am sad that an era has ended. Mary will be leaving us soon, but I can't even go there yet. Today I am happy and thrilled at her accomplishment as she is only the 2nd person in her biological family to graduate from high school. That alone deserves an entire day of happiness. She has worked so hard to get to this day, and while she herself is emotional and sad: We are so proud of her!

The morning started with a Baccalaureate service in which the students received a blessing from the Headmaster and Principals. Remember we attend a private, christian school. I have attended many graduations, even graduated from a private, christian college, but what a special, tender moment to hear the words of scripture read over my child. Words like: purity, diligence, being a woman armed and ready, and a beautiful smile that God gave her! Very tender and emotional. After that, we moved onto the graduation and it was also very personal. The Bible teacher from our school gave the commencement address and read from Hebrews, he gave the girls (all girls in her class) 13 things to take with them. My favorites: Have a clear conscience and live honorably to the Lord.

After that, we came home for a quick party here with family and friends. We had Mary's favorites: CFA nuggets, pickles, deli sandwiches, and buttercream icing on her cake. My favorite party find was the cups I bought for the party. They read, "The tassel was worth the Hassle!"

Enjoy some shots from our day!

Mary in all her pomp and circumstance!

Changing her tassel! Woo-Hoo. An official graduate!

Mary's biological brother made it today, so precious together!

Little J was even super proud of his big sister!


Anonymous said...

Please give M a big hug from unlce matt & soon to be auntie erica!!

you and J should be so proud of her!! :)


Ashley said...

I found your blog via Lots of Scotts! I am amazed at the ministry you are a part of and in awe of your service and love to children for the glory of the Lord! You seem to radiate Christ along with your whole family! Blessings to you and your family of almost 12!

Ashley in TX

Emmy said...

Hi Girl!
I have had you on my heart ALL week! Thinking about little AC coming!: )

Congratulations Mary! I thought about her graduating!

Are you really about to have that baby! Man! I cannot believe it! Please call me or text when you go into labor so I can be praying!


You are going to have to change your blog name!

Emmy : )

Julie said...

Yeah for Mary!!! Now will she be at KSU too? How is your other daughter doing there? I know you miss them.... I can't believe you'll have 2 in college and a newborn- now that is some serious space between those Wen!! I just read your msg on my blog (I have been very BAD about updating...) No I don't think I met the "lots of scotts" family at Family Camp but I would have loved to. That is our absolute favorite weekend ever!!! My kids love it and so does my hubby and of course I do. That is my "happy place".... did your friend do YL or was she a leader? Love you sweet girl- can't wait for Anne Claire (love the name by the way... was Courtneys AC so honored!!!!???) and Darcy to be BFF!!! Love ya! How cool that Lisa, Miriam, Me and You are all having little girls that will be the same age- how cool!!! Love ya!