Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beauty from the Beach

It has taken me over a week, but life is finally settling back into a routine, and I can now post some photos from our beach trip. We had a great time away, and most importantly, lots of rest! This was a "different" beach trip, as we kept telling the kids. Most families with a newborn baby would never attempt a trip to the beach, and we were all lucky we got to go! The kids were very flexible and understanding about missing out on some family traditions we usually do at Gulf Shores, they just enjoyed the view, like we did!
Enjoy our memories!:

Ann Claire enjoying the front porch of our beach house with her Nana. This was one of her few trips outside!

One of those rare moments I didn't want to miss photographing!

M. E. is one of those girls that LOVES BABIES. She always finds one in public when we are out and socializes with them, and she has TONS of baby dolls, strollers, and their gear! You would think that M. E. herself has had a baby as much as she loves Ann Claire, just look at her face when she holds her!

An attempt to dress the kids alike and head out for a fun dinner. Ann Claire didn't actually go, she and her daddy had a date at home. I love J's expression!

Ann Claire with Nana and Papa. We could not have made this trip without their support, cooking, and extra hands! Thanks a million to the grands!

The kids enjoying a hermit crab race at our traditional night out at Calypso's Joe's. Notice M. E's face, she was a little grossed out!

Another rare moment of togetherness, enjoying the boats at San Roc Cay Marina. How sweet!

A quick stop at the state park to take a snapshot in the sand dunes. If you could only see what it took to get this shot! Sweet Ann Claire, she never opened her eyes to see the sand!

I love my little man!

M. E. never misses a moment to over-dramatize!

When did S get so big? You will have to check out her own, new blog.

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Victoria said...

I love how you dress your children for family photos - always so coordinated!

The Fab Five said...

hi! I think it's neat that ya'll go to Gulf Shores! We will be leaving for Orange Beach Monday. Congrats on new sweet baby!