Friday, July 3, 2009

Everyone is Home-Life is Good!

I wanted to let everyone know that we are all home-safe and sound. 6 kids have been away at summer camp, 4 were with us at the beach, and 1 was away at college orientation. Whew, does that equal 11? Yes.

Time off is given to J and I each year while the kids go away to summer camp for two weeks. We have learned through the past 6 summers to leave home. If you stay, you work. . so we go. As I was recuperating from giving BIRTH, our 1 week old and I headed out with family to find a quiet place to recover. This year we headed back with J's family to Gulf Shores, AL.

We have spent the past 3 summers in the same house that provides a lagoon as well as an ocean side for beach play. In the middle of the subdivision is a community pool, as well as a nice circular neighborhood for the little ones to ride on their scooters, etc. My awesome MIL (mother in law) provided yummy meals such as chicken casserole, steaks, burgers, you name it, we ate it. All I had to do was get better, feed the baby, and relax.

The second leg of our trip was spent in Seacrest, FL with close family friends at her parents beach house. What a blast! I think my friend, L, held Ann Claire more than I did which was a relief for a weary mommy with less sleep at night.

Ann Claire is such a good baby, and I must say was quite a trooper. She has really hung in there and unfortunately for her, her birth fell at a time that was planned way before we knew about her. . our TIME OFF. We would not have missed it for the world, so she had to come. Thank goodness she got here in time to go!

J did a fabulous job of tag teaming with me and the others kids had a blast as well. The other 6 kids had a fabulous time at camp and just came home today. ( you don't even want to see our dirty laundry piles!) M had a blast at her orientation as well and has talked our ears off about her class schedule, new roommate and all the joys her new college experience will bring.

LIFE IS GOOD. Thank you Lord for a wonderful time away and bringing our family back together safely!

(I hope to post vacation pictures eventually!)

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