Sunday, July 12, 2009


Each year on our vacation the kids and J enjoy that our beach subdivision includes a lagoon that is salt water. That means that the family can hike out to the neighborhood dock and enjoy fishing with dad and Papa. This year, as many years in the past, the best fishing is done at dusk.

The story goes that the kids were fishing and J got a bite. Before he knew it, his entire rod got a jerk and low and behold, this is what was on the end of it! True story!:

A rare incident, this is a saltwater crocodile! Yes. It was about 6 feet long and wouldn't give up. Although the night of fishing was over, as he wouldn't go away, it made for a very good fish story!

More shots of fishing:
Getting the lines ready with Aunt Jen, loved the sunset behind them!

J and J, my two men. Love it!

The family's new friend!

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sy said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing photos. Looks like you guys enjoyed and amazing and well deserved "time off".