Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving and ALL it includes!!

Our Thanksgiving festivities began with an outstanding performance at the preschool Thanksgiving program. J and ME were a turkey and an indian, as you can see, they were quite little cuties on the stage!!! I was as proud as a mom could be. J just stood on the stage throughout the performance and yelled to his teacher, "Ms. Sarah, look there's my PAPA". We all just laughed hysterically, he never even sang one song, he just repeated that over and over. ME was a beautiful indian girl and did an outstanding little indian dance. She was given the name "medicine bear" because she is always running to assist her little classmates when they get hurt. Maybe that means she will be a doctor one day? All in all the program was precious and quite a special memory.

It all makes me realize how thankful I am for my two youngest. They definitely exhaust me of most of my energy, but oh how thankful I am this Thanksgiving for them, they are healty, beautiful, and precious darlings.

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