Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Day is a Happy Day, and we Say thank you God!

Okay, I must explain the title, when I was a little girl, my mom would sing this tune, "Thanksgiving Day is a happy day and we say thank you God". This is such a vivid memory, among others when she would sing to us. So I felt I must start this post with that song.

As you can see, our day was full of lots of family time and time well spent at the dinner table enjoying a wonderful feast. As I was looking at all of the pictures I posted, I thought of all the families all over America that had a large table, a kid table, TV trays, bar stools, or whatever they could find to sit on to gather with families to stop and say thanks. The tradition of Thanksgiving as we all know started hundreds of years ago when the pilgrims literally went without for so long, then after a wonderful harvest felt the need to stop and say thanks to God for all of their bountiful blessings. Words cannot describe the awesomeness when we stop and think of the power of this day and all it means in rich tradition to our country and its starting foundation.

We ourselves enjoyed a huge meal with lots of yummy food, good stories, and a show by little J which included lots of laughter. We have also loved the many leftovers this weekend including little turkey sandwiches at every meal since!!! After years of only cooking a 15 lb turkey, and never having leftovers, I decided to splurge and cooked a 25 lb bird and one 7 lb fresh turkey breast. Needless to say, we have had lots of leftovers and I got what I wanted, lots and lots of turkey. My theory is, if I am going to cook a bird that big I want to enjoy it for days to come.

We have had a great weekend and enjoyed relaxing, being together, lots of fires, including one outside with smores!!! Thank goodness it is finally getting cold so we could enjoy a bonfire and "smoes" as little J calls them.

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