Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas morning!!!

Yeah!!! It was finally here, Christmas morning. All the shopping, all the preparing, all the anticipation was finally here and it was great!!! The kids loved all their presents and Santa even brought a new TV for the family. But most importantly, the kids really were excited about giving their Secret Santa gifts this year. The kids draw names with one another, it rarely remains a secret with 5 kids under 8, the secret just doesn't stick. But what I was so proud of, was they got the GIVING, that's the real message in Christmas.

Poor J, rolled himself out of bed just to see what Santa brought, open gifts, then crawled back into bed where he remained for the next 28 hours or so. It was really sad, I was particularly sad because I felt he wasn't even home for Christmas. I really missed him!!! I felt so sorry for him too. But as they say in show business, the show must go on, and so it did. That night we hosted 40 people for dinner, my precious in laws saved the day and came over early to help prepare the rest of the meal. Thank goodness I had prepared the table and most of the food in advance.

The rest of the morning was spent lazily opening gifts and enjoying all of our presents. The kids stayed in the PJs til noon, and we just snacked until dinner. I loved it!!!

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Gus said...

LOVE the Christmas posts!!! AND we got "Julie" too!!!!!!!!