Thursday, December 13, 2007

Takin' em Down!!!

I feel I so often blog about my little children that I forget to include details about my teenagers, much less R. He is the only "older" boy in a home full of girls and women. He and J usually hang out and stay away. R has taken an interest in the sport of wrestling and this is only the 2nd year our school has had a team. So far R has had 6 pins!!! We are thrilled he seems to have found a sport he can succeed in and feel good about himself. He is even wrestling high schoolers, as an 8th grader this is a huge accomplishment. I included some "safe" pictures because as many of you know wrestling is not a pretty sport. (one of my girls said, "he has to wear that outfit?" "it is not cute") I just laughed. Check out his huge arms in the pictures. I told him it was from wrestling with J all the time. When they get together they start wrestling like two little boys playing!! It's the best!!

Way to go R and keep those pins coming!!!

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