Friday, December 7, 2007

Photo Session

Well, it's that time of year, the Christmas card photo!!! I love, love, love our choices this year and I wanted to share the slideshow these incredible photographers put together. Many thanks to Katie and Chris of 6 of Four Creations!!! I hope it leads you all to the link:

Click here to see the slideshow.

(For those of you that actually have time to view the slideshow please listen carefully to the words of the song, it is Awesome stuff!!)


k.murphy said...

That was the sweetest slideshow ever. You are such an those of us feeling snowed under at times with 2! I love the song...Bebo rocks. Know this, each one of your precious kiddos has such a light about them. Found myself praying for you all as I watched. Thanks for sharing w/us in blog world. OH, I'm a friend of Amy Cooke out here in TX...I read your blog all the time! Feel like I know ya already!

merrry merry Christmas to you all


miss katie said...

Loved all the pictures! Little J cracked me up. Those pictures really captured him.

JMom said...

The slides were awesome. I decied I have to contact those photographers next year. Their blog is awesome. I was truck by how they all are gorwing up! I also wanted you to know that the pics of big T and you together choked me up. I love that girl and am SOOOOOO glad God's will was for her to be in such loving arms!

JMom said...

Wow! I obviously typed quickly and skipped the final read-thru on my last comment. Sorry!

Gus said...

the pictures are awemazingsome!!!!(ya like that word)... i love to look at those sweet faces and see the love and faith you and jonathan have so obviously given and instilled in those beautiful children... you are all angels...merry christmas