Friday, December 28, 2007

The day After!!

My mother and father traditionally take the morning after Christmas for a brunch with my brothers and their families as well as all of us. We are all usually exhausted, but thrilled because mom and dad get CFA to cater a yummy breakfast. We all enjoyed a fabulous breakfast then exchanged gifts with one another. Mom and Dad emjoyed seeing all the kids and their fun gifts. Notice J is not in the family picture this year :(


JMom said...

Poor J. I hope he is feeling better. The pics are awesome. So glad ya'll had a Merry Christmas!

foxofbama said...

Just saw notice of your blog at a suspect [insert smilie emoticon here) board and commented there and now here.
Aint that good news? ( nother smilie)
Sincerely, I got a good friend roughly your age who has a "Mommyblog" sportymommajules.
Pretty good writer she is.
Yall may want to interact.

Proud of you, no kiddin and hope all the Skelton/Whitley ChicFilA Universe has a GrandNew Year.
Tell Jonathan to consider my chorus idea at; and he and your Dad, maybe even Rob will want to know the Gaffney Indians lost a close one in the finals of the Greer Tournament last night in Upstate South Carolina.
I wasn't there at the game, but got wind of the disappointing news.
Will see what comes of it to the honor and glory of WD and Mary Alice Helton Fox

Laura said...

I love to read your blog. I stumbled upon you and check back regularly. I enjoy your stories and following your brood.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy. Loved seeing your pictures from Christmas. So sorry to hear J. was sick...I had the same thing at my house and T. was sick. Never much fun. Seeing your mom playing the piano was mom always plays as well when everyone can come home for Christmas. This just wasn't the year for that for us. K. got Julie too! I talked her into that over a big Barbie Jeep! So much fun. Glad you all had a merry one. Can't wait to catch up soon.
Elizabeth W.

foxofbama said...


Alert the universe of Chic Fil A there was a delightful article recently in the Guntersville, Alabama
about Truett Cathy's sister Agnes, whose husband in the 60's best I could make of it was pastor of the FBC there.
I don't have the article in front of me, but it was written by a Nancy Goess, who was the daughter of a Dr. Edwards there.
Agnes used to have them down to Atlanta in the summers after her husband got a church there.
Have your Mom let me know if it hasn't turned up in the Cathy domain yet and I will do my best to get the clipping to her.
I looked online and didn't get it there, but I'm sure with the online contact info no problem for ADv.Gleam to get it to corporate headquarters.
My contacts for the clipping were at the CFA Bowl Monday night and one was particulary impressed with Dan's trumpet National Anthem.
As my Momma would say, I think you will "thoroughly enjoy" it.

Great New Year to you all
Cousin SFox