Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Big Day (part 1)

Strike a pose, girls!!
Little T shaking it to "Teach me How to Shimmy". What a perfect song for her!
Kokomo-Little T relaxing on the beach~
S as a fairy dancer, it was beautiful!!
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow", another beautiful act!
S dancing to "I don't Dance", from High School Musical 2
ME dancing to a song from Annie get your Gun!
ME feels pretty from Westside Story!!
How cute they were and these costumes were gorgeous.
K with a sweet friend, in the dressing room getting ready for "Hard Knock Life".
This dance was precious, the girls were such cute orphans!!

Our morning recital was a big success and 2 hours long!! Way to go girls. This year's theme was "Hollywood to Broadway", and included popular songs from musicals and movies. Too cute. Above are photos from a few of our TWELVE acts from this morning's show. M's is tonight, so I hope to post them tomorrow. Enjoy the photos.


Momma-of-5 said...

Can I ask about your girls and dance? My daughter did dance for a year. She was 3. Yes, 3. And they loved her. She was very animated and they asked her to do "competitive team". I knew I didn't want that, but during the end of the year show, I was actually embarrased that my husband was watching some of these girls move the way they were. The was the end of Zoe's dance days. We figured if she really missed it, we'd talk about it, but for now, we didn't want to go down this road. I mean, when would we cut her off? When would the "cute outfits" be considered too sexy? And how would we stop her from dancing if she fell in love with it? Was it just a bad studio? She DOES miss it. Should I look for a more conservative place? The outfits on your girls look SO tasteful!


wendymom said...

Momma of 5,
I have to say, our studio does a great job of keeping the little girls, little and modest. The dances were very cute and in good taste. It was even a Hollywood to Broadway show, and it was very cute. I will say, some of the older girls in my older daughter's recital did leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. In other words, I think when they get to high school, you have to make that call based on your own convictions. We have been very blessed that I have never felt that our dance numbers were in poor taste. I think dance, like any other extracuricular activity should only be used when the goals you desire are being acheived, example, listening to authority, working together, and building self-confidence. For us, we have been able to do that. Good luck!!