Saturday, May 31, 2008

We made it through our first week!

Well, summer is officially here and we made it through our first week! (only 11 more to go until school starts back) But really, I have to admit sleeping in late, no schedules, no activities, lots of swimming, popsicles, movies, and just hanging out has been great so far. Our family sticks to such a tight schedule that a week to just go with the flow has been awesome. We are rarely spontaneous and it feels good to do that for a little while. We have even decided to drop things and head to the lake for a few days with some family friends. Life is Good!

Here are some highlights from our week:

1. Several of my girls have devised a business plan to form a Lemonade/Sweet Tea/Cookie stand to earn money as once we started attending the "pool" again and they realized mom and dad were not going to pass out money each time for Baby Bottle pops and Gum tape.

2. J is learning to swim independently already. ME has almost made it the length of the pool as the new lifeguards have a rule, "no one in the deep end until you swim the entire length without touching the bottom."

3. I managed to get a new summer hairdo and highlights. Whew, it feels good to be blonder.

4. Lots of movies.. . . I usually don't let everyone just sit and veg quite so much, but it has been nice to do it myself.

5. Since we have stayed up later, we sleep later. . . J even slept until 10 AM one morning. Praise the Lord. It is nice to have a quiet house in the morning, drink my coffee, blog a little, have a quiet time, and get our day going without the chaos of 11 kiddos begging for cereal at once.

6. A rainy day meant a day at a new facility that includes 15 inflatables. The kids even did the velcro wall. Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera.

7. A grocery bill of almost $600 this week, as the kids are now home full time. Lots of snacks, dinners, lunches, and drinks. (plus, we were unusally OUT of everything as the end of school drained our pantry and fridge and mom didn't have much time to grocery shop)


Kara Lyn said...

I am amazed! I sometimes think I can't make it through the day with my 3 kids...God has blessed you as a mom of 11...I am sure there are tough days, but we have God on our side to help us through...Yeah God!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendy- Just stumbled onto your page! WOW! I'm so proud of you and Johnathan...It's great to know you all are making such a difference and really understand what life is about.
- Hinh

Emmy said...

I stand amazed and in AWE! You all are my heros! (as always!)
Come help me with my 4! (LOL)
Love You!

Anonymous said...

How do you get little J to sleep until 10am! My kids are still getting up around 6:30-7!!! Help!


Michelle V said...

I am so completely amazed by you. You are an inspiration!