Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, it's down to 3 1/2 days until school will be out for the summer. I find myself, not dreading the kids being home, but rather stumped as to what we are going to do? I can admit that for the first week or so, we will enjoy sleeping in and having no schedule. But unfortunately in a home of 13 people after about a week or so, my kids get antsy. They get bored quickly. I think it must be because they are being raised in such a fast paced society these days. I am thanking the Lord that our summer pool membership was re-instated after we thought it would not re-open. Whew!! We will have lots of time to swim and enjoy friends at the pool, but other than that, "I ain't got nothin'!" Not that I won't get inspired and think of lots of fun things to do to fill our days, but I am just not there yet.

We do have the kids registered for two weeks of summer camp, a trip to the beach, driver's ed, drama camp, ballet class, football camp, and of course the summer reading program, but I want my kids to just enjoy being home. Unfortunately I discovered early on into this ministry that my kids NEED, CRAVE, and MUST have a schedule, my theory is that it stems from days of chaos at an early age. We have less discipline problems when we stay busy as well. It's the days of just go find something to play with or play outside, that they get themselves into arguments and lots of trouble.

So. . . the clock is ticking and I need lots of inspiration, so ANY IDEAS?


georgia mom said...

I am going to try letterboxing. It was in the newspaper a few weeks ago. You can go online to see where all the boxes are hidden. (There are several RIGHT near you!) And there is an awesome one involving our alma mater!
You make your own stamp and journal. They give you clues and you try to find the box. This may sound cheesy, but I like doing things where the kids can be outdoors as much as possible since I feel like so much revolves around the tv and computer! Like I said there are several in our area and you can travel just about anywhere and find them. I don't know how this translates for 11, but it sounds like an adventure.

Sarah said...

I feel the same way about keeping the kids busy and on a schedule...even if it is a loose one. I told my kids they each have to think of a summer project to work on individually...for example, my daughter is going to fix up a little gardening shed we have into a cute playhouse with paint and curtains, and one of my sons is going to build a huge Lego creation. That way, besides all the other activities, they have something to go to when they (and I) need some alone time.

Kara Lyn said...

I just started reading your blog...thanks for sharing! I too am at a loss when it comes to ideas for the summer. I only have 3 kids (Alex is 6, Drew & Autumn are 4 1/2) but they drive me crazy when we don't have things planned...this year will be tough because the ideas need to be cheap and close by (gas prices are getting to our budget) :) I can't wait to check back and hopefully get some good ideas...sorry I was no help there!

lori said...

hi found you on the siesta blog roll. Your blog in awesome your life is inspiring.