Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thoughts on being a Mom. . . to ELEVEN!!

I really do love being a mom, trust me there are days, I have to convince myself that God designed me for my special assignment as a mom to eleven, but I do love it. Mother's Day is a great way to celebrate my love for my own mother as well as to see my children experience honoring myself, my husband's mom, and her in the same way. Throughout this weekend I have been thinking about what I love most about being a mom. Here goes:

1. I love, love, love buying clothes, organizing, and dressing all of my precious angels. My love language is CLOTHES!!

2. I love cooking, planning, shopping, and organizing meals for our family of 13 mouths!!

3. I love when precious tiny lips kiss my cheek.

4. I treasure the moments that I rocked my darlings and treasure the minutes and seconds little J will still let me rock him at bedtime.

5. I love hearing all of my children call me Mom. It is very special for me to hear from those that I didn't bring home from the hospital. It is more than my name to them, and I love hearing them say it.

6. I love that my 14 year old son hand wrote me a card in which he gratefully thanked me for giving him a chance to be somebody in life, and honored me by presenting this to me in front of the family, then cried when I cried while reading it.

7. I love making lists. . . really, I do. I love that my lists each day contain all the "mothering" duties that I get to perform. Driving, cooking, appointments, laundering, dry cleaning, ironing, phone calls, birthday gifts, and more.

8. I love that at church I had a bouquet of carnations and only some had 1 or 2. (I am not competitive or anything, I was just proud to carry that many) The kids were given carnations in Sunday School to present to their mom, of course I had a lot.

9. I love that most of my kids recognize how hard my job is and cut me some slack, they don't expect me to be perfect. Thanks kids.

10. I love that I have 5 teenage girls, there are lots of laughs, lots of clothes, and lots of drama.

11. I love that I have 4 girls under 8 and that I get to do the teenager thing all over again. Hopefully, I will do a much better job the next group around.

12. I love that I have 2 precious boys that my husband is teaching to love and respect women as God's precious creations.

13. I love that I get to share my job in parenting with such a special, giving man.

Happy Mother's Day to all my special people that are Mothers too.


JMom said...

We sat next to another WS family last night at dinner and I kept thinking about what a BIG, special day Mother's Day is for you. Glad it was wonderful!

Patty said...

What a beautiful post!!! What a special day and you deserve it!!
Have a great Monday!

Pearls and Grace said...

This is such a beauty-filled post. You are so full
of His love and goodness! Thank you for sharing what you love about Motherhood~ we have the same heart
for family . May the love you felt all day yesterday last you all month long!


Sarah said...

Be proud of your carnations! You've earned every one of them. You have a beautiful family and you should be able to "brag" a little about your took a lot of work to grow those "flowers"!
I love your list helps to remember what you like about this job and what assets you bring to it.
Happy Mother's Day!

Joni said...

"...honored me by presenting this to me in front of the family, then cried when I cried while reading it."

That's about one of the sweetest things I've ever read. What an impact you are making on these young lives! God must be so pleased.

Katrina Hilliard said...

This post almost made me cry! I love you guys so much and am so honored to be a part of your lives...the crazy days and all!! :-)