Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cute story

Tonight at dinner we were all visiting as a family, and I proceeded to ask various kids if our new pastor has come in to visit any of their classes or choirs, etc.?

ME: stated, oh yes, he came to see us,

S: yes, he came in Summit (children's worship gathering on Wed. nights), and he asked a question and I knew the answer. He was very proud of me.

Myself: Oh how good, what was the question?

S: Well I don't really remember, but something hard like "who was Ruth's mother?"

ME: I know, I know, Kanga!!!

J: No, not Roo's mother, RUTHHHHH's mother,

ME: OH!!! . . . . . Who's that?

Family: erupts in laughter, even ME laughs!!!

They say the cutest stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of my brother when he was little. He was asked in Sun. school who was swallowed by a whale. With excitment he waved his hand..he knew this one! "Pinnochio," he yelled. That is very funny about "Roo"! Love it!

Elizabeth W.

JMom said...

It IS hard to keep all these stories straight, Mom!