Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I need to vent again!!

I guess my blog has become a way for me to verbalize my frustrations, so sorry for those that want cute, funny stories, but these days I am needing to explain some of my current frustrations. Over lunch, my husband shared with me that at a local bakery, someone mentioned, "you always told me y'all ran that home by yourselves, but we heard y'all have all kinds of help." Someone who barely knows us proceeded to tell these people that we have a nanny for every child, housecleaners, and all kinds of tutors. Well, I'll be!!! I don't know why this makes me so mad, I guess my pride is hurt a little. I know my credit/rewards are in heaven, but part of my human flesh wants a little more credit for what I do. I know and confess that is sinful and prideful, but I work VERY hard. I do not like it at all when false things are told about me. That is my major pet peeve!!! Especially by someone I have never even talked to.

So let me set the record straight for all of you who are curious. These children are our children. They live with is 24/7 just like your children. My husband and I are not staff in a group home, we are the parents. We have no staff that come in and out or sign in for their shift!!! We have two tutors, one comes five days a week for 2 hours a day and one comes 6 hours a week for math help only (high school math, I do need help with). That's it. I have one sitter a week that watches my youngest, and he goes to her house. I have no hired nannies. My children and My husband and I are the housekeepers, we are allocated NO funding for housecleaning, as per our beneficiary, the children are to learn to do this themselves. EVERY Saturday morning for 5 years we have Saturday clean. I am the nanny, laundress, housekeeper, cook, chef, personal shopper, royal bath giver, calendar keeper, receptionist, appointment confirmationist, nurse, counselor, jury, judge, and the MOM. ( just as many of you wear many, many hats, I do too) And I am sorry, but I want some credit for that, so for those of you that think we have it easy because of where we live or who we work for, this is hard work. REWARDING, BUT HARD!!!

Okay I feel better


Anonymous said...

Can I get an "A-MEN!?" You vent girl! Love it.

Elizabeth W.
(really missing seeing you. hopefully i will be up and running again soon)

Gretchen said...

geez! People have no clue what all ya'll do. well please know that I do see your hard work and I am very proud of you and Jonathan and the daily sacrifices you make for your family.

Gretchen said...

more importantly...I know your kids see how hard you do work and I'm sure they too are very very thankful and grateful! :)

Steph said...

Don't remember how I found your blog, but I have been in awe since day 1! You really seem to be so "together", doing all you do! I can't even begin to imagine!
Keep up the good work!

Momma-of-5 said...

Holla! Preach ON, sister!

One time, I was in the mall with my oldest daughter (who was 14 months old, I believe). She learned to walk at 9 months, but only did it for a day...she graduated quickly to running! I was 8 months pregnant with my son and didn't quite have enough energy or mobility to chase after Zoe, so I put her on a harness (safety before appearance, right?) Another mother passed me and flipantly said, "how could you? she's a little girl, not a pet." I calmly turned to her and said, "if you'd like to watch her while I finish my shopping, I'd be glad to remove the harness, otherwise, please keep your comments to yourself!"

Maybe these people with all this time on their hands to gossip should come over and volunteer during chore day on Saturday. Then they'd stop all their idle chatter, huh?

Momma-of-5 said...

p.s. Just know that I read your blog because you're my hero. I only have 5...how you survive at all is a mystery to me! You're amazing and your kids are blessed to have you.