Saturday, January 5, 2008

What to do with all those Christmas Cards?

I just wanted to share a cute idea of something we do with our Christmas cards. Each new year once we have taken all the cards down, every night at dinner we will select a child or two to pull one card or two and pray over that family. We ask God to bless that family for the next year, watch over them, and protect them. It is a great way to remember those that thought of us at Christmas by sending us a card, but I also feel like I have done something special for each family.

Just thought I would share what we do!!


Pam said...


That's a great idea. I had hoped we could do that as the cards came and kept them in a basket on the table, but we were too busy to take the time then.

I think we'll start that with lunch/dinner tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing!

D said...

what a great idea. I wish I would have found this BEFORE I threw mine out. Next year tho. It's a date!

Emmy : ) said...

That is such a precious idea! You all are so awesome! Thank you for sharing that!

I Love all the pictures! I am so thankful God has put you all in my life! : )

Amy said...

I love that idea. We will have to do that next year. I just took ours down today. I put them all in an album every year. It is fun to look at the changes and additions to each family. Love and miss you friend.

JMom said...

I LOVE this idea so much!!! Next year!