Monday, January 28, 2008

Okay, just kidding, I had a lot to do today!!!

I looked back to see how I started my day, and I acted so flippant as if I had nothing to do.

Here's what a day in my life consists of:
Big kids to school
three dressed in 100th day costumes-what would they look like in 100 years ( one as 108 year old woman, 2 as "future people" with aluminum foil accessories?)
baby gift for a teacher wrapped
muffins baked since I had nothing else to send for preschool snack
dress myself
dress little ones, feed little ones, etc.
drop off at preschool
call the bank in the car
oops, ran a red light
teeth cleaned at dentist, yeah me, no cavities!!
work out-very quickly
grocery store-bill $271 ( just for the week)
eat lunch in car-sliced turkey and double fiber bread sandwich in car line
come home, unload $271 worth of groceries-alone!!!
2 preschoolers now jumping in leaves
new sugar spills on tile floor, sweep it up
preschoolers still in leaves out front
change a diaper
finally shower and dress for the day
put one down for a nap
pick up the house, put away laundry
dry hair finally
start filling out re-enrollment for school for NINE!!!
lay down on couch for literally 6 minutes
speak briefly with tutors for plans for the week and next week
kids come home-unload lunch boxes, get snacks, started on homework
quickly speak to my hubby-kiss-kiss
dress one for dance class
send hubby and one off for dance and pick ups elsewhere ( dance, wrestling)
start spaghetti and salad for dinner
check emails briefly while dinner is cooking
get up one from a nap while cooking
clean out old papers from computer desk and my desk quickly!!!
get dinner on the table, feed 9 that were home for dinner then!!
Hubby is at meeting at church, so tonight we watched Nanny McPhee while we ate, I gave in!!!
visit with in-laws after dinner once they brought one home from dance
start baths for 5 little ones-bathe, pjs on, lay out school clothes
lunches made
4 in bed
text hubby begging him to bring home a Decaf Mocha-Lite Frappucino!!
last little one in bed
back on the computer

And I thought I didn't have too much to do today!!

Thank you Lord for ordering my day even when I think I don't have much to do, I know my purpose today was to run and organize a crazy home of 13 people, lots of tasks, but all for my goal of making sure it all gets done.

Behold, I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, a plan to prosper you, but not to harm you. Jeremiah 29:11

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Gretchen said...

I got wore out just reading this. :) Ya'll are amazing!