Wednesday, January 30, 2008

That was Harsh!!

Okay, looking back on my blog yesterday, I must apologize for being a little harsh. J told me he read it and thought, "wow", "it really wasn't that big of a deal". I think as mom's though, we know each step it takes to brush teeth, do laundry, cook a meal, so for someone to somehow imply in the tiniest way someone else does my job for me hit a nerve. ( I guess you could tell)

Since I have been so negative and frustrated with my teenagers lately, I felt I must take a positive spin on things and explain how we do manage to make it through a day. Even though I put up with 5, yes FIVE, teenage girls, that is 10 extra hands that help with a lot. They can all do their own laundry, help cook the meal, dress barbies when I am swamped, do and read their own homework, drive a car ( well 1), take car of their own hygiene, and play with the little ones for me anytime. I must say without them, this home would not run down to a science as it does. They do help a lot, so J and I must not take all the credit, they do a lot.

So I guess in every hard and difficult situation, we must look at the positive, I know God gave them each to me for their own individual reasons and circumstances, and because HE knew I would need their help. So for that, thanks girls!!!

When M and M came to live with us five years ago, M told her caseworker that she wanted to live somewhere that had a baby. ME was 2 months old, M immediately became a surrogate mother to her, held her, rocked her, walked her up and down the hallways, and even helped me get her on a bottle. Those were some hard and trying days and now she is a professional babysitter. See, God uses our situations down the road even when we don't know why He has put us where we currently are. When little J came along all the girls were well trained and were a big help with him, they would all do flips if we had another baby, they simply love it. But, trust me, there will be no more babies, maybe more children later, but NO BABIES!!! So, for all their help with my little ones, I am grateful. But once again, they are not our hired professional nannies. I feel they want to help because they know in their heart it is a small way they can repay us for what they have been given in life, a second chance.

Now, . . . that's better. (smile)


JMom said...

I had not read the previous post yet, but of course had to go back..and I laughed out loud. I read it to R and he laughed with me. Don't mess with a tired mama. :-)
We love ya'll!!!!

Joni said...

How funny! I just found your blog and have been reading in true amazement. The way God is using you and your husband in the lives of others (including our small group!)is inspiring to all.

Sorry about the unnecessary comment in the bakery. Maybe all the flour they have ingested is causing them not to think clearly! : )

Emmy : ) said...

I have so much respect for you and J ! You all have always been my heros! : ) I need to send my kids to your house for a while!

Laura said...

I will give you kudos! I can see that the Lord has given you quite the mission field. Hang in there. I know it's frustrating when people say junk and they don't even know you. Praying God will give you a little rest and you will see His blessing today!

ekrisdinger said...

I have come to very much enjoy your blog, and I found the comment "No more babies!!" quite never know what life is going to pass you next! I hope you are all doing well!

Baton Rouge, LA