Monday, January 28, 2008

Good Morning

I don't have much to say or any funny stories this morning, but just wanted to sign in and say Good Morning.

We have been pretty swamped lately, and I just haven't had as much blog time. J went out of town last weekend, so I feel I am just coming to the surface from that. I am currently spending some of my computer time searching for details on Breckenridge. We are leaving the 6-10 of Feb. Those that read my blog regularly may remember my sweet husband (who was sick for most of the Christmas week) secretly planned a trip snow skiing for my Christmas present. We have never been, so we are finding all the great restaurants and things to do while we are there. Any tips out there?

We have a pretty full week again, so I just wanted to tell everyone I am still here, we are still alive and kicking, and have a great week!!!


kris said...

oooooh!! I practically grew up in Breck AND my brother/sis in law still live there. You will FALL IN LOVE w/it!

I'm checking w my bro and will comment again, but write this one down - you MUST hit "downstairs at erics" - great pizza place on the main drag and always busy. Locals AND "gaypers" (yea that is what they call us touristy folks! funny eh?) both go there loyally!! Eric also owns a swankier place (I'm waiting on my bro to tell me the name) also on the main drag that is GREAT for a nice dinner...I'll let you know.

There are a million great breakfast places...stay tuned. So excited for you - I will comment again when I hear from my bro.

I'll see Amy at Bible Study Wed and I'll hug her neck for ya!

Pam said...


Have a fabulous time in Breckenridge. I went there years ago and loved its quaint charm and beautiful chalets. You'll have a wonderful time, regardless of where you eat or what you do. It is lovely all the way around.

Have safe travel and post pictures when you get back!

kris said...

OK - yay! I got some great ya go:

Eric's for Pizza and other casual foods.
Empire Burger for Burgers.
Salt Creek for BBQ
Modus for a nice dinner (This is the place Eric owns).
Quandary Grill for a nice lunch/dinner.
Giampietro's for Italian.
Daylight Donuts for cheap local's breakfast - SO good.
Red Orchid for chinese lunch buffet or takeout/delivery.
All Mexican food in Breck is mediocre but Mi Casa is OK with a great ambiance.
Fatty's is a good casual place for pizza, burgers, etc. - been around for 30 yrs!! Try the meatball pizza

I don't really know what tourists do here besides ski but I do like the Country Boy Mine as an
attraction. The town sled hill appears popular. When they get to town they can pick up
literature at the town welcome center (Main St. at the Riverwalk plaza) on all the activities that
are here.