Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun at the Lake (updated)

We received a phone call from dear friends this weekend inviting us to come up to their lake house for a few days. This family is precious to us and of course my kids would drop anything for a fun time at their lakehouse. After juggling appointments, previous commitments and throwing in a few clothes, we headed off Sunday afternoon.

Only a handful of family friends, excluding relatives, have ever invited ALL of us over. I think many would be overwhelmed at the thought of entertaining our crew, but believe it or not, my kids are unusually very well-behaved when we try endeavors like this. I was very proud of them this week. Our friends had relatives there as well and there was a total of 16 kids and 5 adults. It was a total blast. The kids all got along well, there was only one fight that I know of, and it was two of mine at bedtime. (K and ME scratching each other, but that's another story)

A huge thanks to our friends (the L's) for inviting us, putting up with us, and entertaining my kids for hours on their boat. What a blast and fun memories my kids will have.

Enjoy viewing our fun times.

I realized I neglected to include a few more photos.

Ash relaxing on the dock!

Our fearless hosts!!

ME loving the TUBE!!

Fun times with Daddy!!

These boys fished their little hearts out! Didn't have too much luck.

Little J kissing up, hoping for another invite in the future! Precious.

Fun times on the "Hot Dog!"

Could Little T's mouth open any wider?

I wish I could have heard what they were saying to her. Hold on tight!!!

Nice hair, R!

J and K hanging out on the boat!

Go Big T, go Big T,. . First time ever to kneeboard and did great!

S's first time to knee board, and she made it right up!

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Emmy said...

So fun! I LOVE it! : )