Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beachin it!

Life this week has been pretty easy. Our "non-schedule" has been yummy fried eggs each morning (I never have time to make enough for all 13 of us at home, I can manage just a few), we hit the beach or pool, then back and forth until lunch, in for lunch, then back again, then back and forth, (my kids can't stay put for very long), then in for dinner. We have eaten out once at our kids' traditional favorite, Calypso Joe's.

They even have a hermit crab race each hour, and the children must pick a number from a basket, there weren't enough for all the children, so my 3 had to share number 5. Thank goodness the crab raced as fast as he could toward their number. They each got a prize. I didn't know what would happen if we lost, but it would have been okay. Calypso Joe's has a Jamaican flare, which we love!!

We have also eaten in, J went and got take out from another local dive, Bahama Bob's. Yummy crab claws and fried shrimp, which are all delightful diet foods (just kidding)! Last night we went to The Wharf and enjoyed the giant Ferris wheel, of course Daddy and Papa had to just watch while the women took the children up!!

We then went to see Kung Fu Panda in a stadium theatre, little J's first time! He asked 5,000 questions. Too cute. He dined on sour gummy worms and loved the movie. My girls are so used to sharing when we go to the movies that they totally dug getting their own candy, it's the simple things in life.. junior mints and a good movie. By the way, I don't get into Kung Fu or fighting movies, but this one made me laugh.

Later in the week we will celebrate Papa's and my birthday, we have already celebrated Aunt Jen's and Father's Day, what a celebratory week this has been. Tonight we are grilling steaks after a day on the beach, Life is good!!

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elizabeth said...

Sounds positively delightful! I will be leaving on Sunday for our family week at the beach. I am longing for relaxation.

Your post yesterday was great. It was the 2nd or 3rd time yesterday that God was telling me to "be still...I am near". I will be posting about that in a day or so, but it was just so GOD(for lack of not knowing what to call it) that you wrote about that very thing God was trying to point out to me yesterday. Amazing.

So glad your family is having a nice time. I can't wait to see pictures!