Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Fun with Friends

Last night, we had some great friends over for dinner, and they treated us by bringing over their waterslide. What fun. J cooked burgers and hot dogs and LP brought watermelon and cupcakes, what else could any kids ask for on a summer evening?


Anonymous said...

Hello! my Mom found this blog through a friends blog and wanted me to come check it out! i came to my parents through a christian foster care program about two years ago. your blog is inspirational. we just wanted to tell you that..

God Bless,
Jill and Kalley

elizabeth said...

That last picture is priceless! A perfect summer picture! In the first picture I was blown away with how grown up ME looks! Wow. They grow up much too quick.

Looks like a lot of summer fun!!!


Joni said...

Your pictures made me feel a little cooler.....

No one told me that Rome was so HOT.

Nancy said...

What beautiful pictures. I remember these special days as a child. I bet everyone slept well that evening.

Thanks for sharing!