Monday, December 29, 2008

The Beauty of Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we were busy, busy, finishing our preparations for Christmas Day. The last presents were being wrapped, the table was set, R graciously had collected bags of fresh greenery to place around our home, and the children were anxiously awaiting the next morning. J continuously told me thank you for making our home so "christmasy" for the kids and that everything looked great. Of course I was grateful, but in my pregnant state, I knew of all the details that had gone undone this year. . .even in all that, the details completed and those undone. . I found the beauty of Christmas this year. Each year, I find God shows me another way to see it. I had been praying all December that I would not "miss" Christmas and that I would see His glory this year.

Each Christmas Eve, we attend a beautiful, quaint, candlelight service at church. We then travel with all of our family over to my MIL's house for a delicious appetizer party. . . It was there during that service I saw it this year. . the beauty of Christmas. During the lighting of the candles and our commission to take the Good News of Christ out to the world. . the congregation, children, and choir, joined voices to sing my all time favorite Christmas song. . "Silent Night". As I sat between my brother R, who has had a hard year, my dad on the other side, and looked down the row at my beautiful children, and down from the balcony onto the ground floor to my husband below ushering for the service. . I choked back the tears. It was a Silent Night, Humble moment where God showed me a Holy Night. HE is the beauty of Christmas, not the fancy table set above, not the presents wrapped so tediously, nor all the cookies carefully decorated by the children, but in HIM, in the moment of Christmas, I felt His Glory.

No matter what happened the next morning, even if Santa didn't come. . I knew I had felt and seen the beauty of Christmas in that special moment.

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twinkle said...

I like how you put this into words. It's hard to explain that feeling...that moment when He reveals Himself to us over the "masses."
I felt His patience this holiday season. It was like a holy feeling of Him being with me as I cooked and cleaned and decorated and kept my eyes on Him. He is what Christmas is all about and I would hate to miss Him in all the other preparations.
Someone else posted about finding yourself at the Nativity...I finally realized that I am the humble stable He was born into. And when He took up residence in me, I have never been the same. I can't look at a stable anymore without thinking about His birth in the stable and His birth in me. His choice...but I feel so humbled by that miracle.
Oh, and you look so cute baking cookies with your precious baby bump! Hope you are taking good care of yoursELF...
Wishing you a very blessed new year!