Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Night Before Christmas!

Twas the month before Christmas and all through the town. . .
little ballerinas were planning to dance in their gowns. . .
The family was ready to view quite a show. .
All the girls, their dances did know. .
Papa was ready for his theatrical debut. . .
The dancers were ready, awaiting their cue. . .

Okay, okay, that is my best attempt at poetry, I know, pitiful. Last month, our dance centre put on quite an early Christmas show. I love the idea of having our show every other year as well as the weekend before Thanksgiving to give everyone a break during the busy month of December. This year, we have 5 performers as well as J's dad serving as "papa" in the show. The show was fabulous and put us all in the Christmas spirit. I just had to add as many photos as I could of the girls. They all did a great job and we were so proud of their hard work. Their numbers included an elf, a snow fairy, a penguin, a "nightgown" girl, a rag doll, and a Chinese Tea dancer from the Nutcracker. Enjoy the photos, they all looked beautiful.

K as an elf. What a beautiful girl. I thought this shot of her turned out great!

M. E. in action, she had a ball doing this dance.

M. E. as a precious rag doll. Priceless.

S danced like an angel and looked like one too.

This one was actually taken at the Dress Rehearsal, there was something fun for the girls about learning how to come out on stage and take a bow.

Little T was the best little Chinese tea dancer I had EVER seen. I thought this captured her in action!

When Little T did this step in her dance, she literally stole the show!

M as a penguin dancing to "Happy Holidays"

M as a snow fairy, dancing to "Silent Night" sung by Josh Groban. Absolutely beautiful.

Simply. Beautiful. I loved this dance, especially when the snow fell on stage.

Papa was a great sport and even wore his flannel nightgown on stage. Thanks again Papa!

Thank you Lord for our beautiful gifted dancers. Thank you for giving them the joy of sharing dance, especially in songs of praise here at home. What precious gifts you have given the world in ALL of our girls.


twinkle said...

I would have loved to have seen this! They all look so beautiful and innocent...

k and c's mom said...

I got here from "Lots of Scotts". I 'll be back. What a beautiful family you have!