Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve Celebration

The kiddos in their Christmas finest (this was even after they ate)

Our family traditions are many, but for Christmas Eve, our plan has never changed. We all travel to church, then gather at J's parents house for a feast like no other. Nana always creates an appetizer party that leaves me more stuffed than any meal I have ever been to.

The kids always open one special gift, miraculously each year, the gift is matching PJ's. This year the PJ's had a reindeer theme, and everyone squealed and laughed with delight when they saw them.

What a fun night, leading up to Christmas morning. . the excitement was uncontainable, but captured in a few photos!

The kids with J's parents, our fearless hosts every Christmas Eve!

The kids with my parents, who fearlessly dared to spend an evening with 11 excited children!

What could it be?

Now they're all ready for Bed!

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