Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Season is Upon US!

As I go about my busy days, hustling and bustling (literally) from one place to the next, I am suddenly surprised that Christmas is HERE. It's not that I haven't been shopping, noticing the tinsel at the grocery store, nor the decorations in my own home. . but for some reason, it is hitting me. . . It's Here. Christ is coming, the King. I have nine days left to prepare my family for a glorious day of celebration, but am I preparing my own heart? Am I ready for Jesus' birth to once again radiate into my deepest parts and remember why it is we celebrate His birth. HE is the reason we do all of this, am I missing it?

At my Bible Study this morning, our leader reminded us of the inn keeper. Although, it is not specifically stated in scripture, we do wonder about the person that told Mary and Joseph there is no room, but a stable was offered. Did he miss it? Did he, the inn keeper, we so often see in children's nativity productions actually miss the birth of the Messiah? The long expected one foretold in prophecies passed down through generations? Am I missing it?

The truth is, it's hard NOT to be busy at Christmas, remember we have 11 children, there are a lot of actitivites, teacher gifts, school parties, not mention shopping for the kids and they must shop for one another. So, it's impossible NOT to be busy, but as we hustle and bustle, we must be reminded DAILY, why we are doing this. It is to celebrate the birth of the long awaited Messiah, foretold to even US through generations upon generations. It has also been presented to us in God's word in such a special fashion, a simple message, for all people, the lowest to the highest kings, a simple birth, a simple plan, but are we missing out? HE IS COMING AGAIN for us, let's not miss out as the inn keeper did. Let's totally immerse ourselves in the reason we do this season.

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elizabeth said...

What a great post and a great reminder. I don't want to "miss it". It is easy to get caught up in the tinsel and bows for sure, and before you know it, you have missed it. Thank you for this great post.