Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa sends an early Christmas package

On December 23, we received a scroll from Santa in our mailbox. It explained that one of our Christmas presents was being delivered early as it was not a good idea to bring it on his sleigh. . . It further explained that the kids' mom or dad should go to the airport on Christmas Eve morning and wait in Air Cargo to see what the package was. So, Christmas Eve morning, J rose early to drive to our nearest international airport, an hour and a half away, signed in at Air Cargo and was told the plane with our delivery was of course delayed due to weather concerns across America.

The kids back at home with me had me call him anxiously every 30 minutes to see what the package was. . they guessed away all morning. . something breakable? an animal? a game for the family? What could it be? Once the package was delivered into J's hands, he sent word to me he had the package but was not going to reveal the surprise until he arrived back home.

Shortly after lunch, he called to say he was minutes away. . to gather the kids in the den. . and be ready for pictures. . this is what we got:

A sleepy and drowsy, tired traveler. . a German Shorthair Pointer, all brown with a white cross on her chest! What an angel and a fun addition to the family! Thank you Santa!


elizabeth said...

Oh, how sweet. Do you still have your other dog? Is it Gracie?

What did you name the new dog?


connorcolesmom said...

Ok WOW - 11 kids one on the way and a puppy I am exhausted just thinking about it
Myhat is off to you sweet Wendy
Love ya