Friday, March 7, 2008

2nd Cup of Coffee

I am a relatively new coffee lover. Growing up my dad was an avid follower of the "Barnie's" flavored coffees and every Christmas we would fondly give him the newest and best smelling flavors. J has always loved the stuff, but I just couldn't bring myself to "fall in love with it". Since little J was born (now 2 1/2), I have loved the stuff. I take two splendas and Fat Free Coffee Mate Hazelnut Creamer. I HAVE to have at least one cup, sometimes two.

I also LOVE Starbucks Mocha Light Frappucino.(a tall is only 2.5 weight watcher points)On the days that I have had 2 cups of coffee and too much Diet Coke, you can get decaf, but only at the freestanding Starbucks (not at the one in Barnes and Noble). It's sad that I know that. This year for Valentine's Day, I gave J a gift card to Starbucks and he gave me one. I guess we now have a common interest.

I love Friday mornings because my preschoolers are home with me. Today, in particular it is a dark, rainy morning and I am on my 2nd cup of coffee. I love it. The laundry is going, J is sleeping late, and ME and I are watching a movie. We will get going after while, usually out to "run errands" as we call it and grab lunch. Oh how I will miss my Fridays with the two of them when ME goes to Kindergarten next year. There are days that they are not the most well-behaved sibling pair, but some days we all have such fun together. So for today, I am loving my 2nd cup and enjoying my kiddos.


Kim said...

Thanks so much for visiting me and the encouraging words!

I like coffee,too...but mostly drink decaf(Starbucks and specialilty coffees) and green tea.

You have a beautiful family...I'd love to hear/read about your story! Is it on your blog somewhere?

Pam said...

I love coffee, too, but I can't drink full strength at all any more.

I drink it occasionally now, more as a dessert with flavored creamer. My new fave is the Marshmallow Mocha from International Coffees.

Have a great relaxing day and weekend.

BTW, we are headed to Dr. P. later next month after the sticker shock at Dr. V's office.

Looking forward to the consult. I'll let you know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe ME is going to K next year!! Let's have coffee on the beach together in Sept!!! Miss you.


elizabeth said...

Love the new "Motivation for Moms"'re getting blog savvy!

Would you believe that I have NEVER ordered coffee from Starbucks? I know, I'm missing out! I think I'm just worried it would become an addiction. I do love coffee, though, and I usually can't even start thinking until I've had at least 2 or 3 cups of it. I drink mine with tons of creamer and a packet of Splenda....ooh, can't wait for morning now.

Gus said...

ok, have a few favs at *bux for you next time!!!!
1. a steamer with cinnamon dolce or whatever flavor you want, but this makes it taste like a cinnamon roll!
2. white mocha
3. chai tea latte
4. caramel frappacino on hot days!!!
enjoy! wish i could have one with you... can we see each other this summer when i come for a month?!? (july)