Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The new music?

My friend at a post from the left coast inspired me to add some music to my blog. I hope it does not bug any of you while you are reading. I love, love, love christian music. I even had a secret wish while in college to sing someday with a christian group. J and I both come from a heritage that has been blessed with lots of musical talent. (J can totally play by ear and taught himself to play the bagpipes and guitar, he also can play the trumpet incredibly well. . by ear) His Dad is quite the singer and even had a "rock star" band in the 60s, whew, that's another post. It seems most of my family, including J has been gifted with the talent to play instruments by ear. I, however have to play by reading music. That really fits my personality too, because I seem to want to do things "by the book" as they say.

I was raised going to church EVERY time the church doors were open, and you better believe if there was a choir rehearsal, I was at that too. However, I tell you that not to compare myself to those that say that jokingly, but I say it with respect. I loved being raised in a christian home and I love all of my "home" churches. (I am also a "pk", preacher's kid) In the 5Th grade, I was even selected to sing on a recording that our children's choir director was working on with David Clydesdale. Many of you may not even know who he is or was, but he was a famous music composer within the christian music world during the 80s and 90s. He may still be out there somewhere. Anyway, the musical was called "Don't Give Up". I was selected to have the only children's solo on the title song. Hysterical, now that I look back. I think my mom actually has the RECORD, YES RECORD somewhere. I could sing it right now if I had to. It is such a memory. But that experience forever engraved in me a Love for worship, praise, and hymns.

My mother is an incredible musician, she wouldn't say that, but everyone that has heard her play the piano or organ would attest to it. In my parents' early years of marriage my dad would perform the wedding ceremony and my mom would play the organ. They were like a little package deal. Performing weddings on the side was a definite bonus to their talents in those early years. (my dad has performed hundreds of weddings and I bet my mom has played at hundreds as well) Anyway, I grew up literally listening to the piano being played in our home as background music almost every evening. I had 3 brothers and including myself at least one of us had to practice the piano every night or played by ear for fun. My oldest brother has his own arrangement he would play frequently ( I could also hum that for you). So. . . needless to say, music has been a part of our life for a long time. My youngest brother even majored in Music Business in college (he has an incredible voice, he sang in my wedding "How Great Thou Art") but it gave him a love for copyright in music, led him to copyright law, and he now works for Microsoft as an attorney, my point is, music opened those doors for him.

It KILLS me every Sunday to sit in the balcony in church and not sing out loud with the choir. I LOVE it when we sing a hymn I know by heart. It literally thrills my soul to sing from my heart. I can't wait for my children to be older, so I can once rejoin my ranks in a choir robe and sing from my heart. Now. . I am not saying, I am the best singer in the world, nor do I aspire to secretly audition for American Idol, BUT I do feel God's pleasure on my when I worship Him in song. Last year, Lisa Harper, a christian women's speaker and author, came and spoke at our church. She had us fill in the blank. . "I feel God's pleasure on me when I _________." For me it is definitely, when I sing. What is it for you? May you strive to seek what talents and gifts the Lord has given you that you may use for His glory.

So. . I hope you don't mind listening to my tunes I selected for my blog spot. If you don't like it you can use the pause button and turn it off!!

Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises. For God is the King of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise. Psalm 47:6-7

Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord. Ephesians 5:19


Pam said...

Keep Travis in your line-up, and I'll be listening with a smile every time I visit.

I've never really gone the next step and uttered it, but I have certainly felt the pleasure of the Lord when I sing.

I love to sing and once hoped to be "discovered" as well. Choir has always been a part of my life, and I thoroughly enjoy being able to worship in that way. Thanks for making me think a little more about that and less about my circumstances. What a blessing!

Thanks for a great post, dear Wendy.

My cup runneth over... said...

I love the music you've added! (Is it hard to do that?)

Great post!

wendymom said...

My Cup runneth over and anyone else that would like to know,

It is not that hard, you will go to playlist.com and create a playlist, then click on top to post your playlist, it will give you a code, you copy it, then go to your blog and add it on your layout page. You just copy it in under add a link to your page.

dawesomestar said...

Love the post! I know personally the beauty of your voice and all of J's musical talent. I love to sit near you in church. Ya'll need to just have a family band! That would be so cool. Like the Partridge Family but bigger and better!! :) Also, this traffic feeder is going to be embarrassing when you realize how many times I check your blog. Totally addicted to bloggerland. M

elizabeth said...

I agree...the Partridge Family! Hilarious! I also find joy in singing, but in my case....I can't even carry a tune!!


Laura said...

O.K. so I can't really carry a tune. I am a great singer - in the car! I do love to lead - in our ministry we have meetings for the women (about 100) and I love to host it! I get such a thrill! I love to tell stories and the Lord has blessed me with the gift to get your life story and remember it. It's not work for me - it makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

Great post Little. You have a really good voice. I love to hear you sing. By the way, David Clydesdale went to my church when I was in Middle/High School. :)

Amy (Big)

Sullins' Spot said...

Love the new music! I was also a PK growing up and I understand about being at church everytime the doors are open. I have to say that choir rehearsals were my favorite part of the day...still are since I am now married to the man that runs them! :O)

I think you are awesome!