Thursday, March 20, 2008

Preschool Easter Parties

I just love a good egg hunt, don't you? During my own google search, I found many different beliefs about how the Easter Egg actually came about. Although there are many different beliefs, most hold true to the historical fact that eggs represent new life. Even in Passover traditions the egg represents new life. How impacting for Christians that "we no longer live, but Christ in us." His life in us is a powerful piece to the gospel.

Our preschool egg hunts and parties were held this week. We hosted ME's pre-K 4/5 classes from school and had a great, COLD time. Because of rain, J's sweet, little friends all had to hunt in our church's chapel. It was creative and dry, but I thought to myself, "should we be doing this in here?" It was the first time we had hunted eggs among hymnals and pew Bibles. Too cute.

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elizabeth said...

I think it's great, personally. I think God would get as much glory from those little, wee ones hunting eggs in his sanctuary as grown ups singing hymns. (but that's just me)

ME looks so much like big J! So, so pretty. All of them!