Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2008!! I apologize in advance for the large amount of pictures, but I wanted to capture our entire weekend. Our first surprise was a gift of two new chicks which the kids named Suzy and Shadow. We also have 4 new baby kittens born the first day of spring. I couldn't help include pictures of flowers that filled our weekend. We have new life all around us!!! What a great analogy for the Easter weekend.

We also enjoyed time at my parents' house out in the country, dyeing Easter Eggs, hunting for eggs AGAIN, enjoying treats from the Easter bunny, attending an incredible worship service to celebrate our Lord's Resurrection, and an incredible Easter lunch with my husband's family. WHEW!! I have spent a relaxing afternoon resting and waiting for all the photos to load onto the computer. Well, enjoy the photos and I am off to make egg salad and ham sandwiches for dinner. YUM!! ( we have lots of eggs to eat!!)

Meet Shadow and Suzy!!
Beautiful flowers at my parent's house out in the country!!
I loved the sunlight on K's face in this one.
A photo opportunity after ANOTHER egg hunt with cousins.

Artists at work!!
Our finished artwork!!
Easter surprises we found this morning.
The Easter bunny hid our eggs we dyed last night!! (It was FREEZING!!)
I love a good, happy face first thing in the morning.

I managed to capture a few goodies in our Easter best this morning and afternoon.

Our Easter feast was delicious and we enjoyed fun family time with grandparents and Aunt Jen.


dawesomestar said...

These pictures are awesome! I love to see your beautiful children! Ya'll had a full easter! How many eggs did you all hunt? Do I need to come over for egg salad? M

wendymom said...

Yes, we have lots of eggs. We dyed over 40? We've already knocked out a good dozen or so, but whew, lots of deviled eggs for dinner tonight.

Joni said...

As one who likes to color coordinate her own children, I appreciate the effort it must have taken to clothe all of your beauties in blue and yellow. And you were able to get your husband to cooperate in your plan. How did you do that? I need some tips...

Very clever and an idea I might have to steal for next year. Everything looked lovely!

wendymom said...

J is pretty good about coordinating on holidays, pictures, etc. Add in a tie the same color, that's always good. You are too sweet. My kids are usually pretty good on Easter, etc. about coordinating. I think it makes them feel really part of each other. This was my first year not to completely match the little ones, but I thought it turned out fine. It's really not that big of a deal and of course, I explained that's not why we have Easter!! I just love to do it.

Laura said...

Can I just say I am in awe of you and your ability to color coordinate? Your family is beautiful! What a blessing!

I'm glad someone could relate to my bench on the porch issue! I am sure between that and the yard full of bikes, balls, and animals, our neighbors wish there was more than an acre between us. Especially since all around us they are retired!

My oldest had a food fight for her birthday party - imagine what the neighbors thought then! :-)

Where do you guys go to the mountains? We are looking for somewhere to go this summer?

Pearls and Grace said...

These pictures tell your story well- in love and in beauty. You are one super photographer and one incredible Mom. How do you do it? I am awestruck. I enjoyed every single beautiful picture and all of the details to go along with. You gave your family such a special Easter weekend! Please tell me how you do it??! I am still working on my Easter Sunday post, as I am not quite sure how to put into words how our day went!!:)But we enjoyed every minute of it!

My cup runneth over... said...

What a beautiful family! (and with color coordination for 11 no less!) Amazing! = ) I'm so impressed that the Mom of 11 kids is actually able to make time for a blog! (You must be incredibly organized!) Thanks! You've insprired me today!

Gus said...

the pictures are beautiful... i love your are amazing and i admire you and your mommyhood so much!!! and i would love to come have an egg salad sandwich with you!!! just had one this morning, yep for breakfast!!! (baby likes em)

Gus said...

to my technologically hip sister!!! yippee!!! we just think we've got it...well, we do, just not sure what the "it" is!!!
i love it!!! and yeah, the stuff thing, it's my battle right now!!! i love you