Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today is the big day. We are heading out around lunch time to FLORIDA!!! S was eating her breakfast this morning and she said, "today we are going to the beach, I can't wait!!" Little does she know we will arrive about 10:00 tonight and hit the beds as soon as we get there!!!

We have a few specific prayer requests while we are away, could someone out there pray for us?
-safety driving- we are taking two vans and it just adds a little more stress
-great naps in the car!!!
-fun and relaxation at the beach
-good family time and bonding
-no rain while at Disney? ( I don't want to purchase 13 ponchos!!)
-no one gets lost
-traveling mercies for all family coming in for airshow next Saturday

Thanks for the prayers and we will back soon!!!


Emmy : ) said...

I'll be praying! I am so excited for you all! You deserve it! Emmy : )

JMom said...

Have an awesome time!!!