Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

(Did anybody notice the WR Chieftan in the picture?)

Our evening was filled with a trip to Nana's and Papa's for soup and yummy goodies. Then we headed to our friend's house for a haunted house and a hayride through their neighborhood for trick or treating. What a fun night!!!

A rag doll, a monkey, Sleeping Beauty, a disco queen, a basketball star, and a cheerleader; on no other night than Halloween can you find all these characters in one family. (boo on those that didn't dress up) We love Halloween, and I noticed J sniffing the candy bowl once we got home, and emptied all the candy into one big bowl. I have decided Halloween is when the Holiday diet issues begin, I cannot resist the yummy Halloween candy in all its glory. Thanks kids for doing a good job so mom can partake of your earnings!!!

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