Friday, October 5, 2007

Headed to Florida!!!

Well, the clock is ticking and we are now one week away from departure for our trip. The kids have been counting down on the dry erase board right next to my computer, so I have a daily reminder. We have 7 days left!!! Woo-hoo. We are leaving as soon as the kids dismiss from school and driving 9 hours to the beach for a long weekend, then over to Orlando for a week at Disney.

The weather should still be pretty nice at the beach and we are looking forward to just relaxing. Even the kids are ready for a break from their busy schedules. School has only been in session for 6 weeks, but already I can tell it is making them weary. Unfortunately we will miss a few days of school and will have a lot of work to do while we are at the Beach. (beach school!!)

After four days of relaxing we are headed off to WORK. Disneyworld is always fun, but lots of work with this many kids in tow. We are so blessed by having an incredible lady that works with us and she is flying down to help us out. She will be great to help with little J for his naps, etc. She is known as B- c - y MOM. She is like another mom to my kids and they are thrilled she will be there. She does not have grandkids yet, but I told her she will be super grandmom because she has helped up so much and gone on several trips to Disney with other families as well.

The last day of our trip will be a stop at an Air Force Base to watch an airshow in which my oldest brother will participate. All of our family is coming to the show and even his precious family from Vegas will be flying in. We are super excited for our kids to see the show, as we got on our private viewing in Vegas last year.

So . . . once we return I will have lots and lots of fun blogging to do.
This has been a great way for me to journal all those moments in our life. Thanks to those who read for listening and caring about us so much.

Please be praying for safety and lots of resting up at the beach!!!

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Gus said...

yea!! how fun!!! have a great time and we will surely pray for safety and good good times for the whitleys!!! m-i-c-k-e-y; y, because we love you... m-o-u-s-e!!!!!!