Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Break-Part Three

After our trip to Disney, we headed north to meet up with approximately 70 family members and extended "kinfolk" for my brother's airshow with the Air Force Thunderbirds. Each Thunderbird member is allowed to have a FARKLE (Friends and Relatives, Kinfolk, Loved ones, and Everyone else)We all gathered Friday, then attended the show on Saturday. It was thrilling!!! I highly reccommend a visit with your family to an airshow if you ever get the chance, it was great to watch.

When J and I were in Vegas last February, my brother took us for a private rehearsal in the desert about 50 miles north of Vegas. Even though we were the only people viewing the practice, it was incredible to watch these pilots manuveur and fly these planes. The kids loved getting to see family and watching the show.

Congratulations to my great brother, his dream has come true and he is truly our TOP GUN!!!!

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