Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So the saga begins!!

Welcome to cold and flu season. Can you imagine a cold running its course through a family of 13? We can. It has hit us and is here to stay for a while. 2 have had it, and 6 currently have it and only 5 to go. It's just late October. We still have many months of cold and flu season to go. So. . . I must pull up my bootstraps and be ready for all the sickness that lies ahead of us.

Speaking of health issues, we are praising God over here at our house. A nasty lump on my chest surfaced several weeks ago. Of course my mind immediately imagined myself at an oncologist's office. (why do we do that to ourselves?) After a long, lengthy doctor's appt, it's just a cyst. It has to be removed next week, but is just an in-office procedure. God must be laughing at me and my hysterics I can get myself into. All the time, he must be shaking His head and saying, "just trust me", "I have got it all under control". Thank you Lord for forever teaching me that you guide my steps, order my days, and protect me. But most importantly you are the GREAT HEALER. So. . . Dear Lord, we pray you will heal some runny noses that are running around this house!!!

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