Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Asking Jesus into your Heart

Several nights ago at the dinner table, ME asked me what does it mean to ask Jesus in your heart. She has heard us discuss this topic with our older children on numerous occasions. I knew at some point, she would want to know for herself. Keep in mind she is days away from turning 5, and is in my opinion one of the smartest 4 year olds I have every been around. She is very critical and intentional in her thought processes and very quick.

I immediately began to tell her when we do something wrong like lie or take things from others that is called "sin". I quickly thought back to the time we saw Narnia, I remember debating rather or not to let her watch it due to the graphic nature of the "fight" scenes. We let her and I am so thankful because she got it. I explained if she remembered when Edmund had disobeyed the rules and he had to be punished? She did. I also reminded her that Aslan who had done no wrong or had broken no rules stepped out to take the punishment for Edmund and even be put to death? She did. (thank you C. S. Lewis, who we know was a very intentional Christian author)

I quickly explained that's what Jesus did for you and me. And that our sin separates us from God. Except it's not a story or fantasy. It is real and it really happened. Jesus died for you so you will never have to. You just have to believe Him and tell Him. She said, what do I pray?

So she repeated after me, "Dear Jesus, please forgive me for doing wrong things, please come into my heart forever." And that's it!!!! With small tears of joy it was a precious moment I wont' forget. And at 4 years old to recognize, I need Jesus and want Him to be in my heart is so tender. (she also truly understands very well about disobeying and consequences from her own experiences)

Then I told her once everyone left the table, the most important part is that Jesus is your best friend your entire life. I told her nothing can ever separate you from His love, nothing!!! Then she ran off to play. Little does she know her life has been changed forever. The Holy Spirit will forever nudge her and be with her.

Thank you God for letting me experience a tender moment and see your grace and mercy fulfilled in my child's life.

And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."


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Bless her!

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can a 4 year old make a dedication like that? if so, then God Bless her and your family!