Thursday, February 21, 2008


I wanted to let all of you out there know you may have forgotten how bad your braces really hurt when you were younger. I had completely forgotten about this part of the deal. All I could remember is coming home the day I got them off and seeing a beautiful masterpiece created by what was once there. (well maybe not that dramatic, but at least my teeth looked a lot better that day)

When I was two years old, or so it has been told to me, I was in a "wagon" accident in our driveway. My parents had gone to a wedding and my brothers and I were home with a sitter. The sitter and I were in the wagon and my oldest brother, Rob, was pushing me behind the wagon along to the end of the driveway while on his bike. As we gained speed and got to the end of the driveway, the wagon stopped immediately in the gutter along the street, but forward I went and landed on a single front tooth. Of course it came out and in pictures of the "bicentennial" (you can do the math) my face is scarred from that accident. Dr. Parrino explained to my crying mother, there was nothing he could do, if he re-inserted the tooth it would turn black.

I remained "toothless" until age 8. When this tooth came in, let me tell you it had a mind of its own. I now call it my Nanny McPhee tooth (which is ironic because little J LOVES that movie and dresses up like her, that's another post) Well my Nanny McPhee tooth has been a great source of poor self esteem for me, after my first round of braces from age 10-13, I was great. As I have gotten older, wisdom teeth have come and gone, but definite movement in my mouth has taken place. To hear the orthodontist say, as you are getting older. . . . WHAT, I am getting older? . . . your teeth and jaw are narrowing, if you wait on braces, your lower teeth will surely continue to push out your front teeth. I immediately perk up because, that includes my Nanny McPhee tooth. Only I have noticed it and of course J knows because I show him constantly. He knows it is a great source of weakness and sadness for me.

Last week, I began to make comments to the kids like this "well, I may wait until summer to get them on", "oh, I may wait until that tax refund comes in", oh maybe I will wait until you all are a little older". Knowing all along my appointment had been scheduled for Monday the 18th for more than a month. I had a remaining balance to cover the cost, and my precious husband "took care of it" for Valentine's day explaining that he thought I was beautiful the way I was, but he knew it meant so much to me to finally "take care of this for myself". (the most thoughtful thing ever and very sweet) so. . . . .that's why I have braces now.

I REALLY tell you the story because, so many people have asked, but also just for entertainment. Also, please, please know as your children are getting braces or currently have them THEY ARE IN PAIN!!! They are not faking or just whining. It is FOR REAL. I have so much wax in my mouth to cover the sores in my mouth I look like a boxer that has been in a fight. I have been on constant Advil since Monday, and have not had anything solid to eat. What was I thinking? I have even thought "I wonder if I can get these off?" But I know in 12-14 months I will be sooooo thrilled I finally dealt with my teeth and I can be done. One of my friends I have known since high school said the other day, "what's the deal with all of our friends getting braces, can't we just have crooked teeth and grow old together?" Isn't that great. Well me and my Nanny McPhee tooth are getting older but will hopefully be a little straighter by the time this is all done.


Anonymous said...

I have never noticed your Nanny McPhee tooth. How long will you have the braces? Why are you blogging at 4am?! Crazy girl.

Love, Big

wendymom said...

I am not up at 4 AM, trust me. I think the blog automatically puts a random time. You are too sweet to tell me you never noticed my tooth in front, but also it is more out there now. I will have them for 1 year.
love you, miss you,

Anonymous said...

That crazy friend that told you that we should all grow old together with crooked teeth also is the one who once had a nose job! I feel comfortable saying that since I am she who said it! I love you and I think you are stunningly beautiful the way you are, however I am all about making one feel better about themselves with a little cosmetic dentistry OR rhinoplasty! Hee hee hee. You go girl!

Elizabeth W.