Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Time to Go!!!

Tomorrow J and I will be going on a long weekend getaway to Colorado. J gave me a wonderful gift for Christmas, a trip!!! He had selected a beautiful green ski coat for me and wrapped it with a certificate telling me all the details of our trip. Okay, first of all, J has never done anything like this, so secretly, and so well. I am thrilled of the surprise of it all. (too bad he was so sick Christmas morning, he really didn't remember my response) We hardly ever get away anymore, so this will be a much needed retreat from our regular life. PLUS, who wouldn't want to head to the snowy mountains for skiing, hot chocolate, and cuddling. We can't wait to be alone!!!

There is much to be done when we leave like this, schedules, menus, shopping for groceries. (yesterday's bill at Kroger was $422) But that was enough for 7 days, whew. I just finished typing out a 6 page itinerary for the sitter and her husband. They have done this many times and I am sure they laugh at my details. I can't help it, it's the way God designed me. He knew I would need the abilities to do this, He prepared me well inside and out!! All the laundry is washing away, bills are being mailed, and lists are getting accomplished that have sat for weeks. Why is it because we are leaving for 4 days, I feel the need to get EVERYTHING done?

Well, we shall see what gets accomplished by tomorrow evening once we roll out. Wish us luck and pray for safe travels!!

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Pam said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time, Wendy. I'm sure anything you don't get done will happily be waiting when you return.

Looking forward to seeing photos when y'all get back!