Monday, February 18, 2008

Just wanted to say Thanks!!!

I just wanted everyone in "blogland" that I am so appreciative so many of you actually are visiting and reading my posts. My blog counter just hit 10,100 hits today and that's just since October. I really feel the support and prayers and so appreciate how many of you tell me you read my blog and are praying for us.

I honestly have no time to scrapbook, journal, or even put our photos into albums, but I feel like my posts help me at least document a glimpse of our lives. I in no way want it to be about us, but only about how God is using us to help these kids. That's why we do this. I also love to add in our funny stories from time to time to let everyone know we are a very real family with lots of fun times that I love to share.

Later today, I have a surprise photo to add ( you have to wait until the kids get home!!)

Thanks for reading and many more posts to follow!!! Please continue to lift us up in prayer everytime you read!!

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