Tuesday, February 5, 2008

God is Good/Read Below

This is what my friend had to say about her ordeal with the fire:

Hey everyone! As most of you know already, our new house that we were to be moved into by the 18th of this month burned to the ground on Sunday night around 1:00a.m. We were called by our neighbors in Highpointe and on the other end of the phone I listened while my sweet new friend next door yelled ,"your house is burning to the ground, Leslie. I can see the flames pouring out of the windows!" Needless to say, I was absolutely shocked and felt as if I was dreaming. Jack got dressed as quickly as he could and the minute the door closed behind him, I dropped to my knees. My first prayer was for my sweet husband to be strengthened as he began the drive to our house. I was literally sick thinking of him getting out of the car and watching all his hard work and energy that he poured into this house burn to the ground before him. My second prayer was one of thanksgiving! For God protected my family from this disaster. I was able to run upstairs and see each one of my children resting peacefully in their beds while my husband was standing, watching our house be violently torn apart. Both of us looking at two very different things, but thinking the exact same thing..... thank you God! So, by 1:40 our house was completely gone. Jack came home as directed by the Fire Marshall and we said nothing... I read scripture quietly and we closed our eyes. Yet, neither of us slept. The next morning we gathered on our bed and told Mackenzie and Jack what had happened. They were very sad and began asking question after question to which we just simply have no answers. We still don't know how or who or what? I sent them to school and by 11:00a.m, I just felt that this day needed to be a day that we were all together as a family. So, I called Jack and we went to get the kids from school and we all spent the day together. God's gift of family is so methin g so sacred. We each drew strength from the other and when one of us would remember something we had lost, the other would respond with something loving and so on.... it was a hard day, but a good day.
As I was looking at what little is left of our house last night, Jack mentioned to me that the foundation is still strong and good! He said fire can't touch that foundation. What a testimony to our lives as christians. Our foundation is christ and because of that we can never be destroyed. We will always have a strong foundation for rebuilding our lives. Fire can't touch that foundation!! So, we press on knowing that we are safe, healthy and very eager to learn whatever God will teach us from this. As Mackenzie says, "mom, we are homeless but lets not tell people that. Let's just say we are without a home right now!" How funny is that.
As for all of you, thank you for your sweet notes, your phone calls, meals, flowers, prayers, etc. You are so appreciated and loved and I just feel so supported. Thank you, Thank you!
Jack called earlier and we think we have a house to move into and it's right up the street! I am so excited for the kids to be able to still have their friends and just feel a little more settled for now. God is shining down on us and you are a very special part of that........

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