Sunday, February 10, 2008

We're Home from "Breck"

I was so amazed at the literal "piles" of snow in every parking lot.
The view from our window the first day we arrived. The temperature was in the single digits and we received 10 inches of new snow that night.
Our adventure dog-sledding was a once in a lifetime thrill. The mountains behind us are actually the backside of Keystone, CO.
My view as passenger!!!
J as "driver". What a thrill!!
The view of the slopes as we drove away, to think we were just up there yesterday!!!
The view as we left Breckenridge just this morning. The first morning when we arrived it was all under a cloud cover. What a beautiful Sunday morning!!

What a glorious trip we had in Colorado. We arrived home tonight to 11 little ones, screaming, yeah, yeah, they're home. That felt so good. We missed the kids terribly and could not have stayed away another night. I am exhausted from our day, but I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures tonight, while I still remembered a few details from our trip. I have more pictures of us skiing, but those won't load properly on this computer, so I will post them later.

We arrived in Colorado, to pretty yucky weather. Lots and lots of snow, wind, and freezing temperatures were a wake up call to us that we were not in Georgia anymore!!! We drove into Frisco ( just 10 or so miles from Breckenridge), and the wind nearly knocked us down. It was in the single digits and the wind chill had to have been below zero. We scurried into lunch and back on our treck south to the slopes of Breckenridge. We were exhausted by this point, so after a quick nap, quickly getting skis and boots rented, a quick dinner, we were back to bed for an early departure for the slopes.

The next morning, we learned that 10 or so inches of new snow had fallen in the past 24 hours. The winds were high, but we headed out anyway. J and I are the peaceful, easy skiers, lots of green slopes over and over and over. I am certain he would have loved to leave me and head for bluer and blacker slopes, but he stayed right behind me with every run!! After a fun day, we headed to town for dinner. We found yummy food at Eric's Down Under (thanks to the Wilson's and Kris for the pointers on where to eat). Breckenridge is your precious Main Street town with snow covered streets, snow on the sidewalks to your waist, lots of Christmas lights and hundreds of cottage shaped buildings. It could not have been a prettier sight.

The next day, we headed out for skiing again and dog-sledding. I have posted a few pictures from that above. J absolutely loved this over any snow skiing. I was just a passenger and the photographer. These dogs were gorgeous and did a great job. Basically, you just hold on and the dogs know what to do, they were that well trained. After a full day, we headed out for a nice night out on the town and ate at Modis. (thanks to kris who posted on my blog, her brother owns this restaurant, we met him and we loved it)

This morning we arose to a beautiful day in the mountains, and hated to leave it all behind. As we drove away, actually driving north into the mountains, we marveled at the beauty and even commented to one another, "who could not believe there is a God?" Thank you God for blessing me with such a wonderful chance to see your beauty and a precious time with my husband. I am truly blessed!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Hope you guys had a good time.

-Uncle Matt :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had fun. The pics are beautiful. I am happy that my dear friend Kris could help you out.

Amy (Big)

JMom said...

Welcome back!!! So glad ya'll had a great time!