Friday, February 29, 2008

Here's what I did today!!

Our children's school is hosting their annual benefit auction this weekend. My friend and I volunteered to do all the flower arrangements for the tables. At the time we offered we weren't sure these pots would be quite so big and quite so many. BUT they turned out so beautiful. (30 of these little suckers) I wanted to show these pots for a great idea. The photos are from each class and then "decoupaged" onto the pot. The pots w/ flowers will be sold at the auction. It should be interesting to see what drama stirs between the parents as they are auctioned. The auctioneer is a fellow from my dad's current church. I love a good, fiesty auction!!!

Several of us women were up to our elbows in flowers around 11 AM this morning. One very large arrangement, 30 semi-large, 2 trips in a Eat More Chicken Cargo Van to the church, and 2 trips to the wholesale florist, we were good to go. We officially left our church reception hall around 5, whew, it's a good thing everything looked so pretty. That was stressful!! Thanks for all the help ladies whatever bathtub you are soaking in tonight, I am about to be in mine. Oh and L, I don't know how much more "filler" we can add into our lives!!


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elizabeth said...

Love the new blog makeover. Everything stands out so nice!

The flowers looked so good. Very Eastery (I realize this is not a real word..but sounds good to me). Wow, everything looked good and looks as if you took a lot of time on it. You've got talent for it. I'll be sure to give you a call the next time I need some flower arrangements!

Akicage said...


JMom said...

I love the black background--and the arrangements look great too! :-)