Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Amazing Freedom

In last weekend's Women of Faith Conference in Atlanta the theme was "Amazing Freedom". As each keynote speaker shared their own story of grief and heartache that God has brought each of them out of, I truly became AMAZED at how they could find freedom through their circumstances. Why do we not become more amazed by the love of God or amazed by the freedom He has given us in Christ. The word amaze means "to fill with great surprise or sudden wonder"; astonish; amazement, which means "an amazed condition; great wonder". Why am I not more astonished by God's Almighty works in my own life? He has done so much for me, but I get in my daily routine and forget His AMAZING power He shows me each day.

The Freedom part comes in once we accept his amazing love and find ourselves "free", spiritually to live for Him. In a current circumstance I find myself in, I told J, my husband, I am just not going to let this get to me, I am just not going there. To which he replied, "Isn't that just so freeing"? There you have it, I chose not to gossip, "wallow" or get caught up in the mess of a crisis, and I gave it to God. That is where the daily freedom comes into play. These women that shared their miraculous stories spoke of that freedom. I loved this definition of free in Webster's: "exempt from certain impositions". In other words, in my life, I am giving it all to God and I am letting him handle my certain impositions as I choose to do His will instead of my own. That feels so incredible.

In the picture above, J, caught a moment when S was twirling at a recent wedding in which she served as the flower girl. There were probably 400 eyes on her at this moment, but she didn't know it. What freedom she must have felt to feel she was the only person twirling at that moment, she could truly let go. We have got to learn to let go and LET GOD. In that kind of living we will find AMAZING FREEDOM. What a lesson for me today. (Can I get an AMEN?)

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