Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bow down or fight?

In my recent study on the Fruits of the Spirit by Beth Moore, I have been learning about the various gifts the Spirit gives us for daily living. My husband and I are currently being pressed with an issue that hurts. My prayer to God has been when do I know if I should fight or bow down. Beth has been teaching that Faith fights through a situation while gentleness bows in humble submission to God. So when do we know which one to choose or do we choose both? I told God if he would just tell me which one, I would obey. Please help us pray that God will reveal His plan for us in this current situation.

You know it really is a daily struggle for all of us as moms to know when to fight it or bow down. The daily struggles of cleaning, washing, wiping, folding, pulling, pushing, and giving wear on all of us. God has been showing me, this is it. These moments with little tiny ones won't last forever. J, our 2 year old starts preschool tomorrow. That's it, he's my last baby and the thought of him sitting at a little table with a lunchbox breaks my heart. So I am bowing down in humble gentleness to serve my precious boy for just these few more years. Soon, he won't want me to. So maybe it is having the ability to have both fruits of the Spirit at the same time, to be gentle, while having faith in God that he is there with me always.


lorisue said...

Hey there. I found your blog through Jenny's site and I am glad I did. I needed your post tonight. I am a fighter and God has to tell me ALL THE TIME not to fight just bow because it is in bowing that our best fighting gets done!

I am the mom of 1 and can not imagine what it must be like to have 11 :) I am sure you have some great stories and are full of wisdom. My blog site is www.lorimckenzie.blogspot.com. I am new to the whole blogging thing as well.... I am adding your site to my list to visit!

Have a great day,

big daddy said...


JMom said...

Praying, but reminded that anyone who asks for wisdom WILL receive it!

Anonymous said...

I love that study!! It is my favorite! I miss you guys! I really need to come visit!

-Christy C.