Sunday, August 26, 2007

B turns 13!!!

(Notice B chose cheesecake as opposed to traditional birthday cake. You go Girl!!)
Today was B's 13th birthday. We now have FIVE girls with the word teen in their age. Somebody get me some help!!! No really, we have 5 fabulous girls that are learning and growing just like every other teenager in the world. I pray for these girls daily that they will NOT give in to the trappings of this world. They are all beautiful girls that will be noticed out there in the real world and we are constantly warning them of this fact. The world sees beauty totally different from the way God sees it. He has definitely created each of them with their own beauty.

B is our drama queen, literally. She has a natural talent for acting and singing. She has participated in a children's production company for several years and is now "moving on up". She hopes to find a place to get involved later. I personally think she has a beautiful singing voice and I love to hear her worship while she does chores. When left alone with the four little girls to play, you can almost always bet some production with costumes will take place that evening. It is usually a dance interpretation of some kind with a small plot. I love it!! I can totally see her being a drama teacher one day or directing her own plays. She is introverted, but loves to direct these precious shows we get to see in our very own home!!

Most importantly B is very knowledgeable about the Bible. She is learning how to apply that knowledge daily, which we are very proud. She has come a long way in her walk with Christ. She is the very one, who came into our bedroom in January of 2006 and said, I want to pray to ask Jesus in my heart. To watch this beautiful process unfold in the life of a child that is not even my own biologically, made her my own in this world. To witness the moment, she gave her life to God was one of the most precious memories I will every have of her. Since then, B has begun her journey with God, and let me say, I would hate to go up against B in an old fashioned Bible Drill. That girl knows her Bible and has been known to preach it. After hearing Mark Cahill speak at her school last year, she even went as far as to share her faith with people at Six Flags. She was later called out to tell her own experience of sharing her faith with others with her entire student body. That's what it's about people!!! I wish I could only be that bold.

I hope she had a wonderful, fun 13th birthday. Happy Birthday sweet girl.


laurenbrewster said...

Happy Birthday, B! What a wonderful young woman she is becoming! I hope her day was great and your entire family had a wonderful time celebrating with her! Love to you all.

Lisa said...

Wendy, Gretchen forwarded me a link to your blog and I have enjoyed reading it so much! I love your insights and hearing about your family.
Lisa Huggins
by the way, I have a blog too if you want to check it out-

Brea said...

Hi, Wendy-

I am a friend of your moms (I was a student helper to her in college). She forwarded me the link to your blog. I'm so glad you started it! I cannot even begin to imagine being a mom to 11! I know it's all done with great reliance on the Lord's grace and strength. What a privilege to see the Lord working in the hearts of your children! It's neat to me to think of the faith legacy of your parents being passed along to you, and that is now being passed on to a special group of children whom God loves so much. What a demanding and rewarding job you have!

I look forward to following your adventures!


JMom said...

Happy birthday, B! It does sound like you are blossoming into a wonderful lady!

jennyhope said...

Praise God for B!! Such cute pics!

Anonymous said...

i love b she is such an amazing young woman and i can see God in her life!!!