Friday, August 17, 2007

First Day of School

Is that the Hallelujah Chorus I hear ringing in my head? 8 of our 11 are BACK IN SCHOOL. No really, I am thrilled, but also celebrate what a great summer we had. It was filled with lots and lots of:
-pink cheeks from too little sunscreen
-summer camp
-Vacation Bible School
-7 kids in a wedding party in which I did the flowers (our tutors got married!)
-9 family birthdays!
-lots of Webkinz
-the beach-twice!
-ice cream and popscicles
-a trip to the lake with friends
-playing in the hose and the sprinklers and
-most of all some awesome family time.
Here are just a few pics from our summer.


Gretchen Harter said...

What precious children you have Wendy. Thank you for sharing this blog and letting me into your thoughts, struggles, and joys. You are so encouraging to me and I truly see you as a role model in my life. I love the godly woman you are!

Emmy : ) said...

I LOVE your BLOG! You are so precious! I am so glad God has put you in my life! Emmy : )
(I think I could hear the Hallelujah Chorus across town! : ) ) Lets get together in the next few weeks!

Gods Gal said...

Hi there, not sure how I reached your blog but it really touched my heart.....I love your blog. These children are precious...Blessings to you! I'll visit again!

JMom said...

Wendy! I love these pictures. SO MUCH FUN!

jennyhope said...

you guys are so stinking cute it is not even funny!! I am so glad that I got to meet you!

erica said...

hi wendy! your mom sent me the link to your blog! i'll be sure to bookmark it!!

love the pics from the beach! thanks again for opening your home/ family to me this summer at the beach. i enjoyed what little time matt and i were there!

see you when you come to dc in the fall !

erica :-)