Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Today the heat index is 104 degrees so far and it is just 2:30 PM. I don't even want my kids to go outside for fear of heat exhaustion. Whew!! So. . . that means they are all inside with me. Which is fine, of course, but we don't start school for several weeks, so our activities and "summer" fun has worn off by this point.

You know it got me thinking, how to we react to pressure when the heat is on us? Naturally we get frustrated, want a quick solution, and a way out. God sometimes seems to turn up the heat in our personal lives and how do we react when the heat is on? Dear Lord, help me always go to you for a temperature check!!!

My sweet mom watched all the kids today so I could run a few errands today, but I was so hot getting in and out of the car, I only got two errands completed. I am so appreciative for her help.

I am headed to the Women of Faith conference this weekend, which will be highlighting a Day with my favorite speaker Beth Moore. This was my birthday present from my precious husband, and I can't wait. He even booked me a room at the Ritz in Atlanta. I absolutely love these gatherings where women of all denominations, yet one in Christ gather to praise Him. Needless to say, my husband will be here with all the kids in this heat. Maybe I will stock up on movie rentals!!



Amy said...

Umm, can I come too? :)

laurenbrewster said...

Wendymom, you rock!!! I am so glad that you will give others the chance that I have had over the past few years to see inside "your world." For all of you new to Wendy's "world"...get ready, she will inspire and amaze you. Love you and tell Beth I said "hey" and her hair looks great! Love you, LPB